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We all have different bodies, beauty ideals, and experiences. We all feel different about issues like numbers and body image. This is precisely why Beauty Is Not a Number is looking for new contributors: to provide as big a variety of views and experiences as possible. Do you want to join the team? Then keep reading!

A platform for experiences

When I launched Beauty Is Not a Number, I wanted to create a platform where people of all backgrounds, sizes, and shapes could discuss their experiences with all things related to beauty, body image and self-perception. Since then we have had various guest contributors, such as Lianne (The Self Help Hipster), Aisha Mansaray and Marisa Vega, I interviewed Bianca Toeps, and of course our regular contributors Maria Carolina and Imme Visser. Thanks to their personal stories, Beauty Is Not a Number becomes what I want it to be: a website for and about you.

Write a guest contribution

I am always looking for new, thought-provoking and inspiring stories. They can be about your views on particular beauty ideals, icons and trends or about your own experiences with numbers. Basically they can be shaped any way you want, just as long as they relate to the website and as long as they are honest and open accounts. If you prefer to stay anonymous by using a pseudonym, then by all means let me know.

Be interviewed

If you want to share your story because you have had an experience that other people can learn from, but don’t feel like writing it, then I am more than happy to do an interview, even if you live on the other side of the world (The “Skype” is our limit).

“When I look in the mirror”

“When I Look in the Mirror” is part of a series in which different women of all shapes and sizes share their experiences and open up about what they really see when looking at their reflections. Do you dare opening up about what you really see?

Be involved

If you want to write a guest contribution for Beauty Is Not a Number or be interviewed, then send an e-mail to contact[at] and let me know about your ideas. Do note that this is a non-profit, non-commercial website and that all contributions so far have been voluntary. You do get exposure and of course lots of love and appreciation for sharing your story!

3 thoughts on “Be Involved: Join the Team!

  1. I am interested in writing a “When I look in the mirror” post because I love the concept. I will definitely keep it in mind that you welcome contributions because I love the idea behind your site. It’s something I strongly believe in as well!

  2. I really like the idea to invite people this way. I hope that you get plenty of responses and I’m looking forward to the articles.

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