‘Femininity’ vs. Art

L’art pour l’art. When I burst (quite literally) out of my high fashion shell and became a ‘curvy’ model, I thought freedom of portrayal would come along with my new body freedom. Naive, you could say. Hopeful, I would say. But no: modelling likes its boxes, and those with lanky limbs are granted arty fashion, whereas those with hourglass shapes receive femininity. I recently wrote a piece on the first plus size fashion show gracing the runways of New York Fashion Week, and I noticed immediately that it wasn’t picked up by big fashion websites like Style.com (usually covering all the shows). In their defense: the plus size collection looked more wearable than what any of the high fashion houses would ever show on the Fashion Week runway. Pretty dresses: perfect for curvy bodies, yes, but perhaps not art.

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