How To Take a Beautiful Picture

When I was in middle school, at that awkward age of thirteen, people teased me. I mostly wore dark blue clothes and didn’t speak up much. Although those aren’t reasons to tease someone, I was an easy target for being called “ugly” or “not-so-special.” This didn’t happen daily, but it left its marks. So these days, it feels good to add people from my past on Facebook… and show off my modeling pictures. Yes, I do that. I am human.

However! This is not my natural look.

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Interview – Bianca: “It’s About More Than Size”

She’s a photographer and a model. She runs — a website about the Dutch modelling world — and she is the coordinator for the Dutch department at Donna Models, Japan. Bianca Toeps (29) is deep in the fashion world, but she wound up there because of her eating disorder, rather than the other way round.

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‘Femininity’ vs. Art

L’art pour l’art. When I burst (quite literally) out of my high fashion shell and became a ‘curvy’ model, I thought freedom of portrayal would come along with my new body freedom. Naive, you could say. Hopeful, I would say. But no: modelling likes its boxes, and those with lanky limbs are granted arty fashion, whereas those with hourglass shapes receive femininity. I recently wrote a piece on the first plus size fashion show gracing the runways of New York Fashion Week, and I noticed immediately that it wasn’t picked up by big fashion websites like (usually covering all the shows). In their defense: the plus size collection looked more wearable than what any of the high fashion houses would ever show on the Fashion Week runway. Pretty dresses: perfect for curvy bodies, yes, but perhaps not art.

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