The “Managing Anorexic”: Balancing on the Border of Having and Not Having an Eating Disorder

A Managing Anorexic: There Is No Such Thing

Recently I saw a Dutch article pop up in my timeline, titled “Managic Anorexic: On the Border of Having and Not Having an Eating Disorder.” Being an anorexic myself, I felt compelled to read it as I was unable to believe that there could be “managing anorexics.”

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Idols and Ideals

After a few hectic months of completing exams, writing my thesis, doing an internship and ultimately graduating cum laude with my master’s degree, I finally have time to do other things, like reading the Vanity Fair issue of November 2013. It has a feature in it about Jay Z that, surprisingly, changed the way I perceive idols and ideals.

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Bikini Battles

Spring is in the air! You can tell from the summer sounds that fill the city, people filling terraces, and waiters filling the customers’ empty beer glasses. A rosy blush from the sun on their cheeks; pictures of flowers and sunglass-selfies on social media. People lying in the park with magazines — magazines that will soon feature “Ten Ways to Get that Bikini Body” and “Twenty Tips to Get in Shape for Summer.”

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