The “Managing Anorexic”: Balancing on the Border of Having and Not Having an Eating Disorder

A Managing Anorexic: There Is No Such Thing

Recently I saw a Dutch article pop up in my timeline, titled “Managic Anorexic: On the Border of Having and Not Having an Eating Disorder.” Being an anorexic myself, I felt compelled to read it as I was unable to believe that there could be “managing anorexics.”

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Cyclerexic: Body Image in Cycling

Guest contribution by Collyn Ahart — 65 kilos. Sixty-fucking-five-kilos. I’ve never weighed this much in my entire life. And of course I’m obsessing about it. I’m supposed to be some sort of athlete. For Christ’s sake, I am given a kit to ride a bicycle. Sometimes even paid. In truth, I’m paid and given a kit to write about riding a bike, not actually ride the thing. But one goes with the other. My success on a bike is a moot point. It doesn’t matter if I cross the line first, or indeed if I cross the line at all. The brands want me to share “the experience.” For quite some time, failure was my MO.

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“You’re Too Thin”

Whenever people told me I looked good once I started recovering (read: gaining weight), I felt awful. While they genuinely meant to express what they said — after all, I didn’t look like a walking skeleton any more — I translated “you look good” as “you clearly gained weight” and on bad days as “you look fat.” Yet when someone told me I was too thin, I beamed. That was the biggest compliment they could give me, and the fact that so many women interpret these three devilish words similarly is, I think, rather worrisome.

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