Bikini Battles

Spring is in the air! You can tell from the summer sounds that fill the city, people filling terraces, and waiters filling the customers’ empty beer glasses. A rosy blush from the sun on their cheeks; pictures of flowers and sunglass-selfies on social media. People lying in the park with magazines — magazines that will soon feature “Ten Ways to Get that Bikini Body” and “Twenty Tips to Get in Shape for Summer.”

The search

We’re always looking for the perfect bikini, one that makes us look absolutely stunning (preferably like a Victoria’s Secret model), but when trying them on, there’s always something wrong. Some make our butts look like blubbermania or emphasise our whale-wide hips even more. Half depressed, we eat two leaves of lettuce and run to the gym to battle our bodies and their shortcomings — that’s what we’re supposed to do anyway, according to the magazines — because what we are really looking for, is the perfect bikini body.

The comparison

At least, this is what it used to be like for me a few years ago. Instead of going home with a new bikini, the only things I went home with were feelings of disappointment, and insecurity. So whenever the time came to actually walk around in swimwear, the next bikini battle presented itself: which of the women present looks best in a bikini? This only made me more insecure, as I had no curves at the time and looked more like a surfboard with two pieces of fabric on it. Everyone else out there looked so gorgeous, so slim and fit compared to me.

The bikini battle

Being happy in a bikini seems almost impossible, and not just to me. It appears to be the most dreaded garment in our closet, the only one that cannot cover what we don’t like about ourselves, the one that makes us go on a diet as soon as we realise that summer might be here sooner than we expected.

A fresh start

I am so done with this. Spring is a season in which everything comes to life again; a season that always feels like a fresh start. I don’t want to kick off such a beautiful season with bikini battles that I know will kill my mood. I have a body. I have a bikini. I can put it on my body like the girls in the images that are on the internet, and that’s what I am going to do this year. No longer am I going to battle my body — it looks healthy, it is healthy, and I’m growing more appreciative of it each day. There is no reason for me to be ashamed of my body or to hide it, because my body is not a problem. The problem is me and this body image of mine. This year, I am going to battle my insecurities and embrace my beauty. I am going to enjoy that day those days at the beach in my bikini, getting rosy cheeks, being confident, not caring about my bikini, body or the rest, and simply feeling phenomenal. So should you — love the summer, treasure your body and most of all: don’t worry.

Photo by Micah Camara (CC)

2 thoughts on “Bikini Battles

  1. That’s my girl! I hope that many with similar issues will feel the same now. Your description of how you can deal with this is very good and to me it seems like a relief to everyone with the same train of thought.

  2. Excellent attitude. You start small, and then you build up from there. Combating personal insecurities is difficult because we internalize these thoughts before they solidify into something we must subvert. However, your resilient mentality gives you the strong [and healthy!] push toward higher confidence. Thank you very much for those reassuring words. 🙂

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