There’s a whole concept behind Beauty Is Not a Number. Everything on the site is carefully thought through and created with a purpose — a mission. This is why we have chosen to share our definitions of the numbers, the idea of beauty, and the ultimate mission of this website. Because we touch upon some sensitive subjects, we have also included what we definitely are not trying to do or be, just to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

The numbers…

  • Refer to the scales (weight), clothing size, and BMI, which seem to be a measure of beauty.
  • Are avoided in conversations and discussions. It’s assumed that it’s inappropriate to talk about them, since it might be insulting.
  • Losing weight is  the norm, rather than the exception.

Beauty is…

  • Being healthy and feeling good.
  • Accepting yourself.
  • Emphasising your best qualities.
  • Embracing your imperfections.
  • Not defined by a number.
  • Not necessarily about looks.
  • All about balance.


  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle and a balance between mind and body, as well as in terms of food and exercise.
  • Lifting the emphasis from expressions such as “being too thin or too fat.” Everything that comes with “too” means we’re talking about an extreme, whereas balance is key.
  • Promoting letting go of the scales and clothing size as measures of beauty.
  • Focusing on physical and psychological health. Feeling good is reflected in your looks (like that healthy glow your skin gets), which makes you look beautiful.
  • Focusing on acts that help you to be beautiful. We don’t mean powdering your nose, but actually doing things that you believe in. It could be helping other people, graduating, having tea with your grandma, or anything that reflects your inner beauty.
  • Bearing in mind that beauty is subjective.
  • Remembering that beauty is not an achievement; it is who you are as a person.
  • Making you aware of the possible influence of external factors such as the media.
  • Learning to distinguish between what is portrayed (in the media and by our minds) and the reality.
  • Understanding that eating disorders (regardless whether it’s anorexia, obesity, or anything in-between) are most often not caused by external influences.
  • Giving insight into what it is like to have an eating disorder, to help people without one understand how it negatively affects someone’s life.
  • Helping people to find this inner balance through reading about different views on beauty and the numbers, by sharing experiences and by starting a conversation.

Beauty Is Not a Number is by no means a pro-ana or thinspiration website and does not support such websites. Nor do we claim to be experts, or to offer a cure for eating disorders or diet problems. Neither do we assert that weight, BMI and clothing size should be disregarded entirely. We believe they certainly serve a purpose when health is involved. Regardless, we feel that this number should not be connected to the perception of beauty.