Meet the Team

While Beauty Is Not a Number was Laura’s initiative, it wouldn’t have become reality without an amazing team of creative people. Meet the team, see what they do for the website and get to know them!

The Team

Bonnie Sanborn – Copy Editor

I am an anthropologist and grad student in Human Environment Relations at Cornell. My work focuses on disaster resilience; my other interests include dance, yoga, cooking, art, games, bicycles, and the great outdoors. I’m excited to be a part of this project because I believe that people should focus on their own achievements and physique instead of a single standard of beauty.

Meet Imme Visser

Imme Visser – Columnist

Hi, I’m Imme, 24, English-graduate and so impossible to find a job. I would love to be a writer, or a gender journalist, or a holiday planner, or everything at the same time. In the meantime, I’m trying to gain experience in life. Sometimes I model; it’s weird, it’s fun, but it’s a difficult world for young body-conscious girls. It still is for me as well: I’d like to find out why women have such a hard time loving their bodies. And fight that.

Marieke van Harselaar – Columnist

I’m Marieke, a Pseudo-Oregonian Dutchie who recently moved halfway across the world to be with the love of her life. Integrating into a whole new world is my newest challenge, after having obtained a B.A. in English literature. Body image is another major challenge and since writing is among my favourite pastimes, I realised that contributing to this website fits perfectly within my personal process towards acceptance of my beauty.

Guest Contributors

Aisha Mansaray: “Women’s Bodies: Taking Up Space and Femininity
Bianca Toeps ( “Interview – Bianca: ‘It’s About More Than Size’
Lianne (The Self Help Hipster): “Be Imperfect and Love Your Body Anyway
Marisa Vega: “Blood and Beauty: Mother and Daughter