How often do you find yourself staring at the scales, stirred by a feeling of disappointment and insecurity that affects your mood because the number on it has changed? How often does this number influence how you see yourself in the mirror, how you judge your own beauty, what you eat, what you wear? All because of a number. It makes sense though. Any magazine you read will feature at least one article on how to lose weight. After all, there’s always a reason: to prepare for those delicious holiday dinners, to get rid of those holiday dinners, to get that bikini body or simply to look as good as that actress or model. No one mentions that these models are paid to look absolutely gorgeous; that it’s their job to make sure they get plenty of exercise and watch what they eat in order to retain that fantastic figure. And while we do know all this, we tend to forget, leading to an (unrealistic) ideal to strive for.

The question is: does this ideal really make you happy? Should you ‘grade’ your beauty based on what size you wear or how much you weigh?

We think you shouldn’t, because beauty is not a number. Even when you have gained a size or lost some weight, you are still the same person, and for this reason, a number is not an honest representation of your beauty. More importantly, your beauty is not just on the outside, but also on the inside: beauty is your personality, and the health of your body and mind.

Beauty Is Not a Number aims to make you aware of your own perceptions of beauty by offering experiences and personal views from people like you, and the opportunity to start discussions. We believe that numbers are definitely useful with regards to health, but should not be associated with your sense of what beauty is. Rather, beauty should be about being and living healthy, about your personality, about the things you’re already good at, about feeling comfortable with yourself, and about balance, instead of revolving around the things you lack, how much you exercise or what you eat. And it should definitely not be based on numbers.

Welcome to Beauty Is Not a Number: a journey to discuss these issues, to reflect on our own perceptions and experiences, and to find a balance. You can read more about our mission here.

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